THe park

Masons Mill Business Park is situated on the north west corner of Masons Mill and Byberry Roads in Bryn Athyn Borough in the Huntington Valley area of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Masons Mill Business Park consists of fourteen single-story office buildings which sit in two non-contiguous phases. Phase I is comprised of six buildings with stucco exteriors. Phase II consists of eight buildings with brick exteriors. Aside from the construction finish, all of the buildings are roughly similar in terms of size and appearance. The two phases are also similar in terms of configuration and access. The entire park covers 45.1 acres and is managed by Woodmount Properties.

Year Built

1978 - 1984


Mason Mill Business Park has over 211,000 square feet of office space, servicing over 30 tenants.

Storage Building: On site storage is available to tenants in an 8000sf building. Storage units are 800sf unheated spaces.

Building Square Feet Location
1 17,415 40.15669N, 75.07754W
2 12,000 40.15738N, 75.07725W
3 12,000 40.15770N, 75.07778W
4 11,880 40.15808N, 75.07678W
5 16,060 40.15876N, 75.07753W
6 16,000 40.15754N, 75.07811W
7 16,365 40.15765N, 75.07349W
8 18,000 40.15778N, 75.07454W
9 12,000 40.15709N, 75.07449W
10 18,039 40.15688N, 75.07389W
11 12,000 40.15617N, 75.07497W
12 17,994 40.15589N, 75.07485W
13 14,000 40.15510N, 75.07482W
14 18,080 40.15429N, 75.07447W


Electric Service: Primary power service to the buildings is provided by pad-mounted transformers owned and maintained by Philadelphia Electric Company (PECO). Primary distribution equipment is located in dedicated electrical rooms with a dedicated access door to the building exterior on grade. The service capacity available to the buildings is rated at 480/277 volt, 3 phase, 110/220 volt 600/800 amp service within buildings and tenant spaces. In some of the buildings, several 100A and 200A primary distribution panels are installed with separate sub meters and totalizing meters. At Masons Mill, tenants are independently metered and pay electrical utility costs directly to the electric company.

Gas Service: Natural gas is available in buildings 5 and 6.

Telecommunications: Each building has 12 stands of fiber optic cabling that leads directly to Verizon's closest central office. Buildings 1 through 6 are tied to the Willow Grove central office. Buildings 7 through 14 are tied to the Huntingdon Valley central office.

Masons Mill Network: All buildings are interconnected with 12 strands of private fiber optic cabling. Two strands are utilized as a high speed data network connecting all buildings to the Internet.

Cable Television: Cable Television is provided by Comcast and is currently available in all buildings.

Plumbing:  Municipal water service is provided by Philadelphia Suburban Water Company. There are no domestic water pumps installed in the buildings since the municipal service pressure is adequate to serve all areas. Water service is not separately billed to tenants.

Sewer: The Borough of Bryn Athyn provides waste water treatment. Sewer is not separately billed to tenants.


Structural: The buildings are single-story structures built with timber and wood siding with a stucco overlay for Masons Mill I. Masons Mill II's buildings are single-story structures constructed with steel framing and common brick veneer. A concrete slab on grade floor structure is used. The buildings do not contain basements, or any other areas constructed below grade.

Interior Partitions: ½" drywall with metal studs 16" on center.

Floors: Single story buildings, 6" reinforced concrete slab on ground. 

Columns: Structural steel encased in 5/8" drywall. No spray fireproofing. 

Roofing: The architectural design of each of the buildings creates two roof areas consisting of a low-slope hip roof section and an equipment well. The low-sloped perimeter hip roof sections are constructed ofpre-finished standing seam aluminum product. All roofs were replace during 1994 and are covered under 

Facade/Windows: Masons Mill I's building perimeter exterior walls of the building are constructed of a cement stucco overlay attached to wood siding. Masons Mill II's building perimeter exterior walls are constructed ofcommon masonry face brick. Window systems consist primarily of storefront glazing units constructed of insulated glazing panels set in anodized aluminum frames. In some areas of the buildings, roll-up garage doors provide access to on-grade storage and shipping.

Ceilings: 2x4 acoustical tile, 9' ceiling heights. 

Lighting: The building standard for lighting in tenant office areas consists of 2x4 recessed fluorescent fixtures. The layout typically consists of 1 lamp per 80 to 100 sq. ft. of floor area. Extensive exterior lighting is provided during night time hours.

HVAC: The HVAC systems for each building consist of single-zone packaged DX heat pump units installed on the roof of the building, feeding ductwork that serve the office areas. Supplemental perimeter heating in the office areas is accomplished by electric resistance baseboard elements. Supplemental heating in all of the open flex space is accomplished by electric unit heaters. Average HVAC capacity is 2.4 to 3.0 tons per 1,000 square feet.

Sprinkler System: None. Automatic fire sprinklers are not required according to current regulatory standards. 

Zoning: "LI" - Light Industrial. Office, medical,

Lavatories: There are no common area restrooms located in the building. Restrooms for tenants use are located within each tenant's space.

Entrance Lobby: Individual to each tenant. No common lobby. 

Tenant Improvements: Normal Tenant Improvements go from slab to the underside of the roofs with HVAC units in place. Architectural Services are provided by D2CA Architects, who have all buildings in CAD form.

Signage: All tenants have signs on the exterior of their building.

ADA: Tenant spaces comply with ADA as well as local and state codes.


Mailing Addresses: 

  • Buildings 1, 2, 3 and 6: 3401 Masons Mill Road, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006

  • Buildings 4 & 5: 3501 Masons Mill Road, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006

  • Buildings 7 - 14: 1800 Byberry Road, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006

Parking: 1,043 s paces (4.9 per 1,000 sq. ft. of NRA) 

Operating Expense History: Masons Mill Business Park has a solid history of maintaining and controlling operating expenses. The operating expenses for the years 2009 through 2014 were $5.52 per square foot. Operating expenses for 2015, 2016, 2017, and 20018 were $5.79 per square foot.  Operating expenses for 2019 are budgeted to be $5.79 per square foot.

Ownership: Masons Mill Business Park belongs to Masons Mill Partners, L.P. The partners are all local entities. Woodmount Properties is the sole General Partner. Both Woodmount Properties and Masons Mill Partners are located on site at the Park.

Elevation: Average site elevation is 175 above sea level.