comparable taxes

Masons Mill Business Park is located in Bryn Athyn Borough and School District which do not have local business taxes. Most local Borough, Townships, and School Districts levy one or all of these business taxes: Gross Receipts Tax, Business Privilege Tax, and Occupational Privilege Tax. These taxes can add a substantial burden to a Business and thus should be an important consideration in selecting an office location.

Township/Borough Gross Receipts and
Business Privlege Tax
Other Business (EMT) Annual Cost*
Bryn Athyn NONE $52/employee $0
Upper Moreland 3.5 mills $52/employee $20,300
Lower Moreland 2 mills $52/employee $10,300
Hatboro $632.50 $52/employee $932.50
Horsham None $52/employee $300
Abington 4 mills $52/employee $20,300
Upper Southampton 3 mills $52/employee $15,300
Lower Southampton 3 mills $52/employee $15,300

* Based on $5 million Gross Revenue

  • Gross Receipts (mercantile) Tax and Business Privilege Tax are levied on the Gross Receipts (revenue) of a business without regard to expenses related to deriving the the receipts.
  • Philadelphia City business and wage taxes are substantially higher. 
  • Bryn Athyn Borough levies a 1% Earned Income Tax as do all local Townships and Boroughs. This tax and the EMT tax are collected by Berkheimer Tax Administrator, Inc (610-588-0965).