Masons Mill Business Park is locally owned and managed on-site by Woodmount Properties. Woodmount's staff are experienced office park managers whose sole responsibility is the operation of Masons Mill Business Park. Tenants benefit greatly by having on-site management that strive to quickly meet tenant needs.

Masons Mill Business Park operates with a long term perspective for investment returns. Attracting and retaining quality tenants is the foundation of achieving this goal. Tenants' business success is critical to their satisfaction, therefore tenants can expect from Masons Mill Business Park and its manager, Woodmount Properties:

  • An excellent value. Total rents are and will be very competitive, fair and reasonable.
  • A pleasant and enjoyable work environment to assist in employee retention.
  • Responsive property management interested in finding methods to lower the Tenants' total cost of operating their businesses.
  • A strong local advocate to continue the favorable tax environment which includes no local Gross receipts or other local nuisances taxes, and to minimize other governmental intrusions.
  • An owner who is interested in and is closely tied to the local community.

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